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Guitar and Bass Lessons at Hix

Hix Bros offers professional private Guitar and Bass lessons! We offer a clean, safe and educational atmosphere in which to grow, regardless of age or skill level. Our guitar and bass teachers have experience, educational backgrounds, and professional musicianship and are eager to share their knowledge, skills, and talents with you. Whether your goal is to become a professional player, just learn enough to play as a hobby, or to supplement your school's instrumental program, we can help you reach your potential. Our tuition structure ensures teacher consistency and quality.

Some of the things our program consists of: formal note reading, rhythm & timing, proper fingering techniques, chords and scale patterns, scale modes, principles of harmony and music theory, soloing techniques, intervals, strength & speed exercises, arpeggios, ear training and transcribing, improvisation, song forms and melody, various bass guitar techniques including slapping, popping, palm muting and much more.

Lessons consist of one private, thirty-minute lesson per week held at the same day and time each week. Please read the complete policy outlined below carefully and feel free to ask questions prior to enrollment. We are available to help you in any way needed with your enrollment and study needs.

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