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Picture of Cocobolo Concert Ukulele

Cocobolo Concert Ukulele

Manufacturer: Cocobolo Ukulele

Cocobolo Concert Ukulele
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Each Cocobolo Ukulele is a handmade work of art. Select cuts of Nicaraguan cocobolo are used that have interesting grain and sapwood, giving each ukulele a unique personality of its own. Nicaraguan cocobolo is a quality tonewood that produces warm acoustics with impressive range, volume and sustain.

Honduran mahogany soundboards are standard on each Cocobolo Ukulele. Honduran mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) is a well-respected tonewood that was made popular by Martin and Gibson when they used it on many of their vintage guitars and ukuleles. It is increasingly difficult to find in North America, but "Cocobolo" have a legally registered source in Nicaragua. Honduran mahogany is famous for its “warm and lively tone with clear mids and trebles”. The combination of Nicaraguan cocobolo back/sides and a Honduran mahogany soundboard produces amazing acoustics that are enough to impress even the most experienced musician.

Unlike the large amount of mass produced ukuleles that have recently flooded the market, each Cocobolo Ukulele is 100% handmade from a very limited selection of tools.

Beautiful Ukes!

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