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Zildjian Zxt Thin Crash Cymbals

A smooth crash sound with a fast decay.
$133.00 $74.95

Zildjian Zxt Total China Cymbals

Exotic, bright, yet trashy "china" sound. Short, sharp and explosive.
$199.00 $109.95

Zildjian Zxt Trashformer Cymbals

A new type of effects cymbal with a distinctive colored tint and an equally trashy voice. Explosive on its own. Stack it on another cymbal for a signature trashy sound.

Mike Mangini assisted Zildjian in the birth of this trashy special effects cymbal that stands alone or sizzles piggybacked on another cymbal. Like Mike, it's like nothing you've ever seen before. It's sound is as outrageous as his personality. Well...almost.
$133.00 $74.95
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