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Zildjian Gary Chaffee Artist Series Drumstick Drum Sticks

From one of today's top drumset teachers. Gary's stick features a small round bead for excellent articulation. The long taper provides an unusually light feel in a full sized stick. U.S. Select Hickory.
$17.25 $9.99

Zildjian Greg Hutchinson Artist Series Drumstick Drum Sticks

Drawing from Greg's sense of touch, the longer than average length and taper provides excellent rebound, while the elongated oval tip produces warm and full tones. Great for Jazz and Light Rock applications. Unique "Hutch" mirror image logo.
$17.25 $9.99

Zildjian Hal Blaine Artist Series Drumstick Drum Sticks

This small stick offers a delicate touch.
$17.25 $9.99

Zildjian Heavy Jazz Drumstick Drum Sticks

Constructed from U.S. laminated birch, this is a heavier than normal weight version of our popular Jazz Wood Tip drumstick. Aside from providing a very solid feel and additional durability out of the compact size stick, the material produces high-pitched
$15.50 $8.99
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